About Me


Hi. I am Jyoti Shah and I run The Veggie Kitchen cookery courses and classes.

The Veggie Kitchen started in 2002 and continues to offer pure vegetarian cookery courses in Harrow, London. Being an established cooking school having run well over a 1000 classes, we have come across hundreds of fantastic students. We created and continue to run three very successful and popular courses to date.

The courses specialise in Indian cuisines as well as Thai, Chinese, Italian and many more. For everyone from beginners through to accomplished home cooks, these vegetarian cookery classes provide inspiration and ideas that are easily achievable in your own veggie kitchen with the emphasis on simplicity and fun. We offer group courses and one-to-one private hands on lessons.

My personal experiences from childhood in Kenya consisted of a diet of grains and fresh vegetables. Moving to the UK, I grew to become a successful Tupperware agent throughout the country. With my enjoyment and true passion of cooking, as well as thriving on my success as an agent led me to demonstrate vegetarian recipes. Being a busy working mother and balancing the needs of everyday family life, it was important for me to cook nutritious meals for my family.  With this, as well as the feedback from my Tupperware customers, I followed my true aspirations in the creation of The Veggie Kitchen.

Vegetarian cooking classes at The Veggie Kitchen offer a wide variety of classes to suit all. If you are a vegetarian, who wants to experience and learn the art of cooking vegetarian meals in your own Veggie Kitchen, then these classes are a must for you. Our aim is to teach you to cook home-style food that you can prepare easily and repeatedly to make the most out of your veggie kitchen cookery course.

Check our website regularly for new courses and classes.

Following courses scheduled start dates. Click on link for more details

Beginners Group Course       Starting on 23/04/2018
Intermediate Group Course Starting on 05/05/2018
Intermediate Group Course Starting on 09/05/2018
Advance Group Course           Starting on 24/05/2018

Eggless Baking Class         29/04/2018 01.30pm - 05.00pm
Indian Mithai Class            08/04/2018, 01.30pm - 04.00pm
Light Meal Dishes              10/04/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm
Salads only on                       16/04/2018, 07.45pm - 09.45pm
Curries Only                          17/04/2018, 08.00pm- 10.00pm
Farari Dishes                         24/04/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm
Chinese                                    01/05/2018, 07.45pm - 09.45pm
English Canapes                  08/05/2018, 07.45pm - 09.45pm
Desi Curries                          15/05/2018, 07.45pm - 09.45pm
Childrens Mid-term Holiday classes dates published. Click here for details