Veggie Kitchen - Vegetarian Cookery Class Testimonials

Following are the testimonials from past students of vegetarian cooking at The Veggie Kitchen.



“What a wonderful eggless baking class you gave Jyoti. I was a little sceptical of learning at "home" but I was pleasantly surprised how you have managed to organise the facility to such high standards and that too for teaching purposes. Your snacks over tea break were delicious – thank you!
 With all the variety of cakes you taught; the marble cake was my favourite. the hints, tips and tricks you provided were extremely useful. You are calm, patient and professional - all valuable traits as a teacher. Thank you for your patience with me – and I look forward to attending more classes with you in the future.
 Thank you so much.”

 Gurjeet Lee 

 Veggie kitchen was perfect for giving me the confidence to cook both traditional Gujarati Indian food and other cuisines - there's no bigger boost than friends and family left licking their plates (and fingers!). I highly recommend all the courses from Beginners to Advanced Plus regardless of your cooking skills as there are delicious menus all the way through. Jyoti Shah's enthusiasm makes the class both informative and fun. I genuinely loved it…do it!Kajal Gohil (solicitor) - 19th January 2010.

"She's a fabulous teacher and I have gained a lot from her, most of all my confidence. My cooking skills were practically zero and a friend introduced me to Jyotiben. I can honestly say she has been an angel sent from heaven - she taught me from basics just like my mum did but at that time I never took any interest, and then the time came when I really needed to know but I had already lost my mum.

Jyotiben's classes have been fun, full of laughter with a great bunch of people with skills at all levels and its been more of a social gathering with lovely food to eat the end of it all, rather than attending a "class".

In one word - It's been a joy! She's great!!" Gita Rajani

Jyoti's classes are truly inspirational from the beginning to the end thanks to her fantastic "on-hands" teaching methods. Her classes are fun as well as educational. Jyoti has 'opened' my eyes to how food flavours and quantities should be combined to the best effect. Jyoti has inspired me so much that I feel very confident in experimenting with various flavour combinations. Cooking used to be a "chore" but since I have been attending Jyoti's classes cooking has now become a pleasure and all my family members enjoy the culinary delights I prepare using Jyoti's recipes. Jyoti is not only a teacher but a good friend too on whom I can rely on when I need any advise or if a recipe requires "tweaking".Jyoti you are a superstar! Priti Bodani

"For those who work full time it is often difficult to find the time to learn to cook - or at least to practise regularly. This class was a great way to learn new things every week - and also a lot of fun! Jyoti Auntie taught us a variety of recipes such that I can now make impressive food for a dinner party as well as whip up something in 10 minutes. She demonstrates all the recipes - giving you lots of tips and tricks along the way. I never thought the day would come when my Mum would ask me to make something when people were coming round - but she loves my rasmalai and khandvi (and they are so easy to make!) In short, thoroughly recommended." Rupal, LONDON WC2

Jyotiben's class is outstanding. Her cooking techniques really simplify the vigorous and complications of Indian cooking. Her recipes are excellent and easy to make at home. Highly recommended. Nilesh Undavia

"I loved the "hands-on" way of learning how to make these wonderful recipes. It's great to have the papers to take home." "Most informative and pleasant. Jyoti your knowledge is impressive." Ann Wieselmann

Hi Jyoti, I just wanted to email you a BIG thank you for such a lovely class yesterday. It far exceeded my expectations. Not only was it informative, but it was extremely 'hands-on'. I learned so much in a matter of three hours. It's obvious that you love to cook and that you are more than happy to share your knowledge with others. I feel confident that I could now make the most delicious samosas, chapatti and curry for friends and family and they would never even know that I'm new to Indian cooking. The value for money was incredible as well. Although my husband unfortunately was unable to join us for the class, he was pleased as well as he more than enjoyed the goodie bag of food that I came home with. I would highly recommend this class to friends and family and I will definitely be back for more classes:) Best, Amy On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:48 PM 

 Thank you Jyoti for a great cookery lesson yesterday. I’d really enjoyed it a lot. I’m very excited about putting the lesson into practice and feel quite confidence about it as well. Not had a chance to cook today as had some work to catch up on, but looking forward to trying it out soon. Here’s my review for your website. Also, for the Vietnamese spring roll dipping sauce, in addition to the ingredients I told you about, you’ll also need sweet chilli sauce. Quantity wise, you’ll need quite a bit (for your taste, you’ll probably want lots, ha ha). Have fun trying out the recipes and what quantities work, I’m sure you’ll have a very good intuition of how much of each to add. Best wishes, Mimi

For those who want to give veggie cooking a try, the Veggie Kitchen’s GROUPON class is a brilliant taster class and an amazing bargain. The teacher was very good and friendly, and she gave lots of detailed tips and hands-on practices during the class. I really liked her sincere teaching approach, which felt like being taught by your mum. The recipes were easy to follow and they worked! The proof was in the pudding, as eating the food after they were cooked was a delight – they were very tasty, light and not oily at all. Mimi



Hi Jyoti
Thank you very much for the one to one eggless baking class.
The day was hot but we survived with all your hospitality.
You made me feel very welcome and included me in the process of the cooking which is what I was after.
The class was enjoyable, professional and I learned immensely with your extra tips and advice.
The sponge was a success and my family and friends could not stop complimenting.
My favourite was the chocolate sponge and I can't wait to make it on my own.
I will definitely be baking more and looking into more of your cooking classes.

See you soon,


 "Thanks and congratulations Jyotiben for taking the East London & Essex Bhagini mandal through on the journey with you.
It is a real talent to connect with an audience whilst demonstrating a dish correctly and providing a real hands-on experience for some. You did a great job and would surely be hired to take another trip to Essex for another group class, particularly in Thai/Chinese cuisine." - at Sevenkings - Mitesh Bina Patel