Veggie Intermediate Group Course

 The Veggie Kitchen Intermediate course is Group Based 8 week Vegetarian Cookery course. One class per week is run on the same day of the week the course starts on.

This course is suitable for both, those with very minimal cooking skills and those who have gained some experience by attending our Basic Course. If you have attended The Veggie Kitchen  Basic Course your are well positioned to attend this course. The Basic cooking skills you have attained will be enhanced by  attending the Intermediate Course.  This course  will help increase your confidence in the kitchen by helping you to develop your cooking techniques and learn more challenging recipes..

By the end of the course your confidence in the Kitchen will increase and you will be able to prepare more challenging meals. You will feel confident and eager to attend the  Advanced  Cooking  course offered by The Veggie Kitchen.

If you prefer to attend this course with your friends or siblings, you can make your  own group of 6 to 8 adults or you  may want to do this as a crash course of 1 or 2 week duration.  The Veggie Kitchen will gladly help to accommodate your requirements.

 Please contact The Veggie Kitchen to discuss your requirements.

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New Intermediate Course Starting on 29/11/2018, Thursdays from 07.45pm - 09.45pm

Places are available for the following classes. Cost for each class is £35 only . Follow this link to book a class.

Thai Class on 12/11/2018 from 07.30pm - 09.30pm. See Menu details below. Click to book the class
Thai Class on 16/11/2018 from 10.30am - 1.00pm. See Menu details below. Click to book the class

Intermediate Classes  from 07.45pm - 09.45pm
Class1 - 04/09/2018 - Chinese Starters
Class2 - 11/09/2018 - Lebanese Menu
Class3 - 18/09/2018 - Punjabi Menu
Class4 - 25/09/2018 - Italian Menu
Class5 - 02/10/2018 - One-Meal Dish
Class6 - 09/10/2018 - Thai Menu
Class7 -16/10/2018 - Sweets I
Class8 - 13/11/2018 - Veggie BBQ

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New Intermediate Group Course starting on 29/11/2018


Chinese Starters (Class 1)
Spring Rolls
Chilli Paneer
Chinese Salad

Lebanese Menu (Class 2)
Tabbouleh Salad
Hummus & Tahini Paste
Garlic Green Chutney
Cigar Baklava
Lebanese Pilaf (Recipe Only)

Punjabi Menu (Class 3)
Punjabi Samosa
Layered Paratha
Black Dal
Gajjar Ka Halwa
Masala Papa(recipe only)
Jeera Rice(recipe only)

Italian Menu (Class 4)
Spinach Paneer Pasta

One-Meal Dishes (Class 5)
Paneer Chapatti
Langosh/Spicy Chutney/Salad
Bisi Bele Huliyana

Thai Menu (Class 6)
Lettuce Roll
Hot & Sour Soup (Tom Yum)
Jungle Curry (Red Paste)
Phad Thai
Coconut Rice

Sweets I (Class 7)
Ras Malai
Gulab Jamboo
Mint Triangle

Barbeque (Class 8)
Fresh Lemonade
Paneer Tikka
BBQ Tawa
Barbequed Studded Courgette parcels
Fruit Compote