Following are the testimonials from past students of vegetarian cooking at The Veggie Kitchen. Thank You All.

I attended the Thai cooking class with my daughter. We had a wonderful afternoon learning to make hot and sour soup, lettuce rolls, coconut rice, jungle curry, coconut rice and pad thai. Jyoti explained each step really well and also giving us a printed sheet of the recipes. It was lovely to be part of a small group, there were 5 of us. All the food that we made was really delicious. Thank you Jyoti for such an enjoyable and informative class.
Gloria Besser 27/08/2019

Just spent an afternoon with Jyoti learning to cook 4 thai veggie recipes. They were all delicious and I will definitely endeavour to cook them at home.
I learnt a lot and had fun at the same time.
Thanks Jyoti
Penny Bilney 24/08/2019

I seriously enjoyed Jyoti aunt's eggless baking class today. Definitely a memorable day to remember learning new skills and techniques in an informal and friendly atmosphere.
Mid session we were all able to partake of some of her wonderful cooking. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome. Everything I had taken along with me, was enjoyed by my family. Coming soon for my other classes.
Would definitely recommend.
Isha gupta 30/03/2019

Had a fantastic egg free cake class with Jyoti. Never made some many different variety of eggless cakes.
Great informative class - not just that all the students were given short break with lovely Mexican dishes and coffee prepared by Jyoti.
Jyoti I also loved your Thai Class and look forward to the next one soon.
Madu Kalaria  10/02/2019

What a delightful afternoon we had!! I was looking for an activity to take my nieces to and this was a perfect find! Jyoti made the girls feel at ease, got them involved with all the cooking tasks from mixing to weighing . She also taught them about the ingredients we were using. It was an interactive session that allowed us to relax, enjoy and bond together. I'll definitely be returning and the girls were overjoyed!
Sangeetha Nanthu Naven  30/01/2019

I have attended several of Jyotiben’s cookery classes and have thoroughly enjoyed them. She has some wonderful recipe's my favourite so far has been the Thai cooking class both me and my partner were blown away by the flavours.
Jyotiben is extremely passionate about what she does and she has immense patience with her students.
Whether a beginner or at an advanced level of cooking, Jyotiben accommodate’s all and I will continue to highly recommend her.
Meena Halai  01/11/2018

My husband booked us a class for my birthday, I have been a vegetarian for just 1 year now. Doing this class had made me see that there are many veggie meals out there I can try and make. The class was great and we really enjoyed the dishes. We will book again in the new year for more lessons. Thank you again, Jenny and Neal.
Jenny Newman 05/10/2018

The September 9th 2018 Eggless Cake Baking Class was an amazing and well informed class. I will say the learning atmosphere and hospitality is outstanding and one to return to.
The cakes made almost didn’t get back home in full (as I couldn’t resist eating...lol) and didn’t last for an hour at home because they were unbelievably tasty and yummy despite its eggless state.
I look forward to attending other classes with the amazing Jyoti.
Osayi Benjamin 11/09/2018

I thoroughly enjoyed Jyoti’s eggless baking class. Definitely an afternoon to remember learning new skills and techniques in an informal and friendly atmosphere.
I was amazed at the results that were achieved using Jyoti’s recipes and am definitely looking forward to trying them out on family and friends. The samples I took home after the class impressed and went down very well.
Mid session we were all able to partake of some of Jyoti’s wonderful cooking. Thank you so much for your hospitality and for making me feel so welcome.
Would definitely recommend .
Paula Ibikunle 19/06/2018

I have done Cakes workshop from The Veggie Kitchen .it was a very informative class. It was not just during the class but she has been so patient and helpful after the class. I would surely recommend her workshops.
Rachna Bengani 16/06/2018

We thoroughly enjoyed the private cooking class with Jyoti's learning how to do three different curries.
By being both well organised and relaxed, Jyoti created the perfect learning atmosphere. I used to be daunted by the long list of ingredients in Indian recipes to the point of not trying them out. Through the class, I learned how to approach a dish step by step, how and why the different ingredients are combined and how you cook without becoming stressed and confused.

I learned a lot about different spices, acquired a few very practical tips (like to use the stems and not only the leaves of coriander or how to do chili and ginger paste) and I am now really excited about using the newly acquired skills at home.

The dishes we prepared were delicious and I would be happy to learn more from Jyoti.
Gerd Leipold (Germany) 22/04/2018

Jyoti's energy is out of this world! She is a very talented, helpful, creative, kind, inspiring and patient lady who takes pride in what she is good at. Her courses are taught with Love and dedication.
I've know her for years through my mum and later attended all her cooking classes. Most of the cooking I do, is from what I've learnt from Veggiekitchen and it has helped me to be proactive about cooking indeed!. The courses are well-structured, organised and fun! I'd recommend Jyoti's classes to all ages! My daughter was one of her youngest students too! Thankyou Jyoti!
Khilna Shah 01/02/2018

Jyoti's cooking classes have been great, she is so patient to explain and teach the various methods for the different dishes that we make every week. I always look forward to what is on the menu each week (even my family wait for me to come home with the new goodies I have made in class!). There is so much variety in the classes, and having finished the beginner's course I have discovered so many new recipes, methods and ingredients which i will definitely use in the future. The ingredients are all fresh which is even better-especially for healthy eating. Thanks so much for the fun classes, the course flew by!
Reshma 16/01/2018

We really enjoyed our private lesson with Jyoti, learning how to make two Indian dishes and chapatis and one Thai dish as well. Jyoti is a patient and kind teacher and we felt very welcome in her home. We discovered lots of new ingredients and how to use them properly. We sampled all three of our dishes once we'd made them - all were fantastic and there was plenty more to bring home for the family at the end of the day. Thanks Jyoti - we really enjoyed our day.
Simon and Darina  21/10/2017

Thank you so much, Jyoti, for such an enjoyable and informative evening. I learnt so much and feel confident to try some recipes at home. It was really useful to learn where to buy the ingredients and how to prepare and store in bulk. Can't believe I actually made samosas. Now can't wait till my next class!
Danielle Mercey 19/09/2017

Delightful vegetarian cooking & company!
I coincidentally came across Jyotiben's cookery classes after attending a mithai making (indian sweets) class with some friends - we loved it!! The recipes were simple but delicious, the company was great, and Jyotiben makes it feel so homely.
It truly feels like you're learning to cook at home.
I've since attended several of her classes, and it continually amazes me that Jyotiben can put together simple yet innovative, easy to replicate and tasty vegetarian meals. Give it a go, the lessons are reasonable, and nothing beats making your own, healthy, vegetarian food!
Seema 18/09/2017

I cannot thank Jyoti Auntie enough for teaching me a few culinary skills in the kitchen. Her recipes and techniques are different which makes cooking fun, adventurous and easy to follow. Her style of teaching is lovely, she's patient and her food... well it's one of the best I've tasted. I cannot thank Jyoti Auntie enough for teaching me a few handy dishes, it's going down well with the family!
Kalpisha 24/08/2017

I have done various classes with Jyotiben and thoroughly enjoyed all of them.
The recipes are easy to follow and we are able to purchase all the utensils and the unusual ingredients from her should we need to
the atmosphere in the class is very relaxed and we all get a chance to join in on making the actual items
Additionally we are able to taste the end product too
Jyotiben has a very professional and relaxed style of teaching and makes us feel very much at ease
The classes are really good value for money and I have benefited hugely from them
Rekha 01/08/2017

Having attended several of Jyoti's classes I can confidently say they are well taught informative and interactive. Her recipes are easy to follow with ingredients that are readily available.
Jyoti is a fabulous teacher and was the person who inspired me to take my cooking passion one step further and start my own business in creating and developing my own version of Indian inspired fusion sweets
Her classes are well suited for all levels from beginners to advanced!
Seema Dhanak 15/03/2017

What a wonderful eggless baking class you gave Jyoti. I was a little sceptical of learning at "home" but I was pleasantly surprised how you have managed to organise the facility to such high standards and that too for teaching purposes. Your snacks over tea break were delicious – thank you!
With all the variety of cakes you taught; the marble cake was my favourite. the hints, tips and tricks you provided were extremely useful. You are calm, patient and professional - all valuable traits as a teacher. Thank you for your patience with me – and I look forward to attending more classes with you in the future.
Thank you so much. Gurjeet Lee  13/09/2016

She's a fabulous teacher and I have gained a lot from her, most of all my confidence. My cooking skills were practically zero and a friend introduced me to Jyotiben. I can honestly say she has been an angel sent from heaven - she taught me from basics just like my mum did but at that time I never took any interest, and then the time came when I really needed to know but I had already lost my mum.
Jyotiben's classes have been fun, full of laughter with a great bunch of people with skills at all levels and its been more of a social gathering with lovely food to eat the end of it all, rather than attending a "class".
In one word - It's been a joy! She's great!! Gita Rajani

Jyoti's classes are truly inspirational from the beginning to the end thanks to her fantastic "on-hands" teaching methods. Her classes are fun as well as educational. Jyoti has 'opened' my eyes to how food flavours and quantities should be combined to the best effect. Jyoti has inspired me so much that I feel very confident in experimenting with various flavour combinations. Cooking used to be a "chore" but since I have been attending Jyoti's classes cooking has now become a pleasure and all my family members enjoy the culinary delights I prepare using Jyoti's recipes. Jyoti is not only a teacher but a good friend too on whom I can rely on when I need any advise or if a recipe requires "tweaking".Jyoti you are a superstar! Priti Bodani

For those who work full time it is often difficult to find the time to learn to cook - or at least to practise regularly. This class was a great way to learn new things every week - and also a lot of fun! Jyoti Auntie taught us a variety of recipes such that I can now make impressive food for a dinner party as well as whip up something in 10 minutes. She demonstrates all the recipes - giving you lots of tips and tricks along the way. I never thought the day would come when my Mum would ask me to make something when people were coming round - but she loves my rasmalai and khandvi (and they are so easy to make!) In short, thoroughly recommended. Rupal, London WC2

Jyotiben's class is outstanding. Her cooking techniques really simplify the vigorous and complications of Indian cooking. Her recipes are excellent and easy to make at home. Highly recommended. Nilesh Undavia

I loved the "hands-on" way of learning how to make these wonderful recipes. It's great to have the papers to take home." "Most informative and pleasant. Jyoti your knowledge is impressive. Ann Wieselmann

Hi Jyoti
Thank you very much for the one to one eggless baking class.
The day was hot but we survived with all your hospitality.
You made me feel very welcome and included me in the process of the cooking which is what I was after.
The class was enjoyable, professional and I learned immensely with your extra tips and advice.
The sponge was a success and my family and friends could not stop complimenting.
My favourite was the chocolate sponge and I can't wait to make it on my own.
I will definitely be baking more and looking into more of your cooking classes.

See you soon,  Gita 23/07/2013

Thanks and congratulations Jyotiben for taking the East London & Essex Bhagini mandal through on the journey with you.
It is a real talent to connect with an audience whilst demonstrating a dish correctly and providing a real hands-on experience for some. You did a great job and would surely be hired to take another trip to Essex for another group class, particularly in Thai/Chinese cuisine. - at Sevenkings - Mitesh Bina Patel 17/03/2014

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