Cookery Courses and Classes

Vegetarian cookery courses and  classes at The Veggie Kitchen offer a wide variety of classes to suit all. If you are a vegetarian, who wants to experience and learn the art of cooking vegetarian meals in your own Veggie Kitchen, then these classes are a must for you. Our aim is to teach you to cook home-style food that you can prepare easily and repeatedly to make the most out of your veggie kitchen cookery course.

In these step-by-step classes you'll learn a variety of recipes using popular, exotic and fresh ingredients. These exciting classes will take you on a culinary journey around the world including Indian (North and South), Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Lebanese & many more. Classes can also comprise of Baking, Desserts, Barbecue etc.

You are never too young or old to learn how to cook. Whether you are a complete novice or a competent cook, The Veggie Kitchen have Cookery courses to suit your needs. Browse through our courses below to see what tickles your taste buds

We are excited to share our new classes focusing on healthy eating, utilising the vast array of produce and grains now available.  Avocados, mung beans, coconut water, turmeric (the list could go on) were all staple foods growing up and now you see these ingredients everywhere in recipes and menus. The new courses emphasises on introducing new ingredients, providing nutritional information and benefits whilst being easy to create in your own home.

We run 2 types of classes.

  1. Group based classes. All our 8 week courses are group based. In group based classes all participants share the tasks required to prepare the recipes being taught. These types of classes are a very affordable way of learning to cook.
  2. Hands on one to one private lesson. In hands on  private class you are the only participant or if you wish to do the class with your partner,  then a maximum of two. With  my help you can choose to learn any 3 recipes listed in all the group classes on this site or all the recipes of any theme class. During the lesson you will do all the preparation, cooking and tasting of the recipes under my guidance. Duration of the lesson will be about 4 hours. 

The Veggie Kitchen will gladly help you to organise a special single class from many of the courses advertised, if you are thinking of  making a group of 6 to 8 adults to celebrate an occasion (birthdays etc) by attending a single . Contact The Veggie Kitchen for further information.

At The Veggie Kitchen all cookery courses and classes are inclusive of:

All Ingredients
Printed copies of recipes with clear instructions and ingredient measurements
A portion of the cooked dishes for you to take home (please provide own containers)


Full 8 week Group Course£240
Single Group Class£40
Veggie Private Hands On Lesson for one£120
Veggie Private Hands On Lesson for two£200
Veggie Kids 3 days Course£80
Uni Students 1 day Private Hands on Course£130
Eggless Baking Class£80
Mithai Class live at Veggie Kitchen.£30 Per Class including copy of all the recipes.
Mithai Class online on Zoom£27.50 Per Class including copy of all the recipes.

Veggie Advanced

8 Week Course

Veggie Kids

3 Day Course

Uni - Students

Hands on Crash Course