Veggie Children and pre-university students 3 day course


For boys and girls over 7 years of age

Depending on ability and interest. It is really important that children benefit from home-cooking, learn the nutrition value of food and learn to identify which food groups the ingredients belong to.

Learning to cook from an early age will encourage children to try different foods and encourage them to eat healthy meals.

In the course Children will be involved in preparation and cooking of the food. They are able to take a sample of the cooked food home and recipes will be provided (please bring containers).


Probably for many of you it maybe the first time stepping into a kitchen and having to prepare a decent meal. Of course eating junk food and takeaways maybe the easy option and most appealing when you first start university, but soon you will realise it is expensive and perhaps not very nutritional. Further it will only be a matter of time before you start missing mum’s home-made food!

I have compiled a selection of vegetarian recipes that use minimum ingredients at minimum cost and can be prepared in less than half an hour.

After three days at The Veggie Kitchen I hope for you to:

  • Achieve confidence in preparing a meal in the kitchen
  • Eat healthier and better food
  • Save money by cooking
  • Realise that cooking can be fun and bring out the creativeness in you

The course includes:

  • Recipes with precise ingredient measurements and clear instructions
  • Hand outs of useful tips and check-lists before you head off to university
  • Recipe folder
  • Ingredients
  • A portion of food for you to eat during the class or take home (please provide own containers)

Printable version of Course Menu

Children and PRE-UNIVERSITY STUDENTS  Course COST & dates

Veggie Kids 3 days Course£75
Veggie Students 3 days Course£85

Children's Holiday Class Dates
Tuesdays - Thursdays 10.30am - 1.00pm
26/05/2020 - 28/05/2020
Uni-Students Class Dates
Tuesdays - Thursdays 10.30am - 1.00pm

children and UNI-STUDENTS MENU

Children's Course 1

Day 1
Spices Introduction
Okra Curry & Chapatti
Chocolate Barfi

Day 2
Moroccan Soup
Bread Rolls
Veggie Samosa

Mushroom Filo Rolls
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cup Cakes

Children's Course 2

Day 1
Mixed Pulse Daal
Spring Rolls

Day 2
Stir-Fry Rice
Cheese Macaroni
Mexican Lasagne

Oatie Truffles

Children's Course3

Day 1
Chilli Paneer
Pau Bhaji
Kesar Penda

Day 2
Veggie Lasagne
Vegetable Puff Pastry
Carrot Bread Rolls

Chilli Corn Frizoles.
Spinach Drammond


University  Student's Course

Day 1
Curry Sauces & Spices
Plain Rice
Stir Fry Rice
Chinese Salad

Day 2
Cheese Macaroni with white sauce
Moroccan Soup
Veggie Lasagne

Chilli Paneer
Pau Bhaji
Kidney Bean Roll with red sauce