Eggless Baking and Decorating Class

Baking great eggless cakes has always been a challenge.. Eggs have along history in baking but are not necessary. Baking without eggs has been done for ages , for religious, health and ethical reasons. The art of eggless baking was perfected during the war years last century when luxury foods such as eggs were scarce.  Which child doesn't like to lick the bowl when mothers baking. With eggless baking you are able to lick the bowl without fear of exposure to salmonella.

As with any new recipes your are trying for the first time, there is a learning curve in eggless baking even though you may have been baking perfectly with eggs. Once you have learned to bake without eggs and start practising, you will soon perfect the art of eggless baking. The key is practise, practise and practise more. Do not be disheartened and give up if your eggless bake is not successful as you may have wished. The Veggie Kitchen Eggless Baking Class will help you to kick-start your journey to eggless baking.

Join The Veggie Kitchen Eggless Baking and Decorating class and learn how to make great eggless cakes.

In this class we will bake 4 different types of eggless cakes. You will learn how to make icing and how to using piping bags to decorate cakes.

Cup cakes
Marble Cake
Vanilla Sponge Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake

The class is group based and will last between 4 and 5 hours.

Eggless Baking Class£80

Eggless Baking Class Dates