Mithai Making Class

No Diwali celebration or Indian  wedding is complete without Indian Mithai Sweets. Why not impress your family , guests and friends by making tasty and colourful Mithai. Attend a Mithai making class at The Veggie Kitchen and learn how to make 4 different Mithais. Not only will you learn to make Mithai  but we will also show you how you can make them visually stunning by decorating using different methods..

In each Mithai class 3 recipes will be demonstrated. You will get opportunity to learn to decorate them, At the end of the class you will take home a sample box of the mithai made during the class. A copy of all the recipes will be yours to take home.

Majority of the Mithai classes are scheduled in the month approaching Diwali festival. However, we also schedule these classes through the year subject to demand.

Cost per class

Mithai Class£30 Per Class including copy of all the recipes

MORNING 10.30am - 12.30pm Mithais
04/10/2021Vegan. Menu to be confirmed
11/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
18/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
25/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
Weekends 2.00pm - 4.00pm Mithais
09/10/2021Vegan. Menu to be confirmed
10/10/2021Vegan. Menu to be confirmed
16/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
17/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
23/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
24/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
30/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
31/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
EVENINGS 7.30pm - 09.30PM Mithais
06/10/2021Vegan. Menu to be confirmed
13/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
20/10/2021Menu to be confirmed
27/10/2021Menu to be confirmed