Veggie Healthy Eating Cooking Course and individual classes

From time to time The Veggie Kitchen will schedule  one-off group style healthy eating  classes. In these classes 3 to 4 recipes will be prepared.

These recipes will be themed and will normally be new recipe not prepared in any of the current courses offered. Clients who have attended one or more courses at The Veggie Kitchen occasionally request wish to learn prepare recipes which are not included in the courses.

 Healthy Eating Class dates 

Following speciality classes have been scheduled. Why not make up a group of 6 to 8 and book as many classes as you wish. Class menus from a wide selection can be arranged with The Veggie Kitchen.

Places available in following  single classes:

Class 1 - 10/04/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm - Light Meal Dishes
Class 2 - 16/04/2018, 07.45pm - 09.45pm - Salads only
Class 3 - 17/04/2018, 08.00pm- 10.00pm - Curries Only
Class 4 - 24/04/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm - Farari Dishes
Class 5 - 01/05/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm - Chinese
Class 6 - 08/05/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm - English Canapes
Class 7 - 15/05/2018, 08.00pm - 10.00pm - Desi Class
Class 8 -

 Following are some of the classes we will schedule. Visit this page frequently to check when the classes will be held.

Healthy Cooking Class
Beetroot Hummus *
Pinto/Soya Bean Quinoa Soup *
Broccoli Pattice with Avocado Dip *
Chai Seeds Power Bites *
Home made flat bread

Baking Dishes
Chilli Aubergine *
Baked Romano Pepper with -
Spinach filling **
Broccoli Salad *
Butter Beans, Squash, Sweet Potato -
Bake with Morocco Spices *

Eggless Passion Carrot Cake *
Eggless Lemon Drizzle Cake *
Eggless Banana Cake *
Eggless Almond Cake *

Indian Canapés
Potato Basket with Healthy Chat *
Masala Bites *
Spicy Cheese Potato Balls
Chilli Sushi **
Apple Chutniey*

Indian Starters
Hara Bhara Kebab
Chori, Mutter Gughara *
Khusta Paneer kebab
Pinwheel Samosa
Mint Chutney *


African Meal
Pyazo *
Barasi *
Mamri *
Leelo Halwo

Healthy Indian Meal
Fada Khichi with Spicy Yoghurt *
Porridge/Oats Cheela *
Mix Dhal Idli with Corn Ragdo*
Mixed dhal veggie Uttapa *
Capsicum Tomato Chutney *

Savory Nasta
Thick Savory Sev *

Desi Mithai
Dhilo Mohanthal
Kesar Mani
Kit Kat Bharfi
Kesar Penda

English Canapés
Rolled Aubergine Feta Rolls
Gazpacho Cucumber Slices *
Aubergine Puff Pastry Cartwheel
Strawberry/Kiwi Tofu Fingers

Light Meal Dishes
Dhal Dhokri *
Khata Muthia
Kachari Potato *


Curries Only
Corn Cashew Methi Curry *
Aubergine Red Pepper Spinach Curry *
Dhan Sak *

Italian II
Stuffed Mushroom
Parmigiana Aubergiana
Fresh pesto grean beans
Asparagus Bread rolls

Farari Dishes
Sabodana Khichdi *
Farari Sago Vada *
Farari Doodhi & Potato Khichdi *
Farari Pack Potato Bhajia *
Cashew Nut Chutney *

Desi Class
Mung & Rice Khichdi *
Baigan Bharta *
Rotla *
Badshahi Seero

Baking II
Cheese & Broccoli Bake
Filo Mushroom rolls
Vegan Enchaladas

Black Bean Stir Fry Veggie in noodles basket *
Garlic Green Beans *
Noodles Salad
Chinese Spring rolls with dipping sauce
Chinese Fruit Salad


* Vegan    ** Vegan Optional